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Hizumi's interview for Zy. 53

The next part of Closer To Ideal to be done is HizumixHoshiko interview, but that's for later. I am taking a break from translating the pamphlet and still end up with Seiichi Hoshiko... Zy.53 features two articles about Hizumi, the first one is the interview with him and the second one is Hizumi and Seiichi Hoshiko (editor of Zy.) fishing.

Same as before:
I will appreciate any help if there are any mistakes or something needs to be corrected ;)
Please do not repost it anywhere. I prefer to keep the translations to my own dark little corner and be responsible for my mistakes and the words I choose.

Hizumi’s interview for Zy. 53

Draw a clear line
It has been a year and four months since [REDEEMER] and now D’espairsRay are preparing for a release of their long-awaited new album [MONSTERS]. It seems that as always it will be a heavy and aggressive work. Due to the circumstances the interview was conducted without a chance to listen to the complete album, but Hizumi who represented the band explained us all the details. He talked about everything from the recording to a tour ahead of them.

Q: Well, actually due to the timing of the interview I didn’t get to listen to the album… but in fact it must be pretty close to completion by now.
H: I can see the end! But I am probably the only one in the band who can see the complete picture of the album (bitter laugh).
Q: Ah, you still haven’t finished writing lyrics? (laughs)
H: I have one song left (laughs).
Q: So does that mean we can talk about how album is going to turn out?
H: Roughly speaking... I feel that rather than an album people would sit and listen to, it is going to be an aggressive album that will sound great live. Of course, there are songs one has to ponder over, but looking at the whole picture all songs are of a kind that is going to be a lot of fun live. For better or worse it is going to be a very D’espairsRay-like album.
Q: Did you feel as if you went back to the beginning as a band when you worked on the album?
H: I hear that often (laughs), how the bands that keep going for ten years go back to where they started, return to their origins. Actually I heard people who had played in the bands for over ten years say that too. That they go back to where they started because they have already done everything there was to do.
Q: Of course, having said that it does not mean that they go back to their old sound, right?
H: No. It is an issue of emotions and I think we were able to go back and think: “This is what D’espairsRay is”.
Q: Considering that, turning ten years probably gave you an opportunity to see the band clearly again.
H: We are not troubled like we were in the past.
Q: Did you use to worry? (laughs)
H: In the past we were really troubled, weren’t we? (laughs) Like wasn’t it difficult to keep the conversation going with us?
Q: I don’t think so… (laughs) The four of you have always been very nice people.
H: No, we are very bad guys (laughs).
Q: When you say that, I think your lyrics changed a lot, there are a lot of positive words in them now.
H: Yeah. My old lyrics… when I look at them now, I see that I didn’t say properly what I wanted to convey (bitter laugh). In the end there were a lot of songs in which I just sorta one-sidedly threw my thoughts at the audience and honestly I wonder if they understood what I meant. I wonder if it was too one-sided. Well, the other guys who play the instruments probably do not understand it, but for me as a singer singing those songs live is depressing. There are times when it has a positive effect, but it is hard to sing only that kind of songs.
Q: For the musicians in a band lyrics are probably just something that enhances the sound, so they are not aware of the words, but a vocalist sings lyrics and they have a meaning to him.
H: Although the songs on the new album do not have positive lyrics like [HORIZON] (laughs). [HORIZON] was quite a positive song, wasn’t it?
Q: Quite so.
H: If I were to describe lyrics of the new songs, I think most of them are negative. However, I didn’t think it would be good if all songs were like that, so I wrote the lyrics that are not the kind I spit out one-sidedly. That why I ran into trouble with the last song (laughs).
Q: I see. Even though the last song is not finished yet, you decided the album title early on (laughs). Quite so actually…
H: Are you trying to say that we took it easy? (laughs)
Q: No, that’s not what I mean (bitter laugh). I mean that the title is very easy to understand.
H: Yes, I think it is good to have a title that is easily understood. However… if I were to express my desire, my personal point of view was to have more words there (laughs).
Q: Did you want to add one more word before [MONSTERS]?
H: No, I wanted to use the same title as one of the songs on the album, but there are a few words in it so it is pretty long (laughs). One thing or another, all our album titles consist of a single word.
Q: That’s true.
H: This time I wrote lyrics with a “MONSTER” as a keyword for our image and also the emotional state of the album, so I thought that [MONSTERS] would make a good title.
Q: You are very straightforward (laughs). If I were a member of D’espairsRay I would probably say that every song was a monster (laughs).
H: Ah, but that’s how it is.
Q: So you get it across (laughs).
H: From the very beginning I had that word in my mind to describe the concept of the album.
Q: Since when have you been thinking about the album’s concept?
H: Since around the release of [FINAL CALL] (September 9, 2009).
Q: It’s been… quite a while (laughs).
H: Ever since then we assumed that we were going to work on the new album. And now, when we came this far, the title became a plain and simple one-word (laughs).
Q: Then after the release of the album I suppose you will go on tour, but except a live at AX on September 9 all you have is a European tour lined up (bitter laugh). It’s like: “Eh? What about Japan?” (laughs).
H: At the moment nothing has been announced yet, but we will tour in Japan. Releasing an album and not touring in Japan is out of the question (laughs).
Q: As you said all the new songs are geared up for the lives, right? But the atmosphere of the lives actually changes if they consist only of the new songs.
H: I think we will be able to get our fans going crazy. Also, it is the first time that we are going to play lives with the same content abroad and in Japan after a release of an album.
Q: If I think about it, that kind of a tour is going to be really long.
H: That’s exactly why I think we must move towards raising the quality of our lives. If we play the same set of songs every time, we grow tired of them, so we have always changed setlists and played a wide range of songs. People who come to every live are probably fine with it, but if you asked me if we got across what we wanted to 100% at each venue, I wonder about that. That’s why I think that it will be better if we can raise the quality of the lives every time.
Q: So it seems that [MONSTERS] is going to be much more important that just an album to play live. By the way what do you think the album will be like for people who want to listen to D’espairsRay for the first time? Will it be a high or low hurdle for them to take?
H: I think people who are looking for J-POP music will not like it (laughs).
Q: That can’t be helped (laughs).
H: We were not crazy about it when we wrote songs (bitter laugh). We didn’t really think about making a radio-friendly album.
Q: You speak frankly.
H: We wrote it so that there are a lot of different things to catch one’s attention, but I think it is hard to say if it is a good thing to listen just once for the first time a “D’espairsRay-like song” (bitter laugh). Even if it is something I say myself (laughs).
Q: I am at a loss what to reply to that (laughs).
H: I feel that it is probably often the case that it is better to listen to our songs several times.
Q: No, I think the songs make an impact even when heard only once, there are melodies too and the one listening realizes how good the songs are right away.
H: I am happy if that’s so. However, I think obscenity is important for us.
Q: Ah, that’s nice!
H: I think maniacal obscenity is essential for us.
Q: So do you mean that the album is going to have an air of obscenity and so will be the concerts?
H: It is going to have a voluptuous and interesting atmosphere.
Q: That’s something D’espairsRay have always had from long ago.
H: D’espairsRay have straightforward songs like [HORIZON], and those songs are good in their own way, but the new album is different.
Q: Either way I am expecting an obscene tour from you (laughs). However, I still think that all members of D’espairsRay are very nice people~.
H: No, we are evil! (laughs) We are very famous for being evil (laughs).
Q: Though you laugh when you say it (laughs). Anyway when the album comes out, I am going to listen to it keeping in mind that it was created by the evil guys (laughs).

Hoshiko’s Attack Adventure

Volume 3. Let’s hang out with Hizumi at a fishing house!

This feature section was created by Seiichi Hoshiko, the editor of Zy., in order to learn the culture of young people… or rather he just wanted to hang out with young rockstars!
The guest of the third installment is Hizumi from D’espairsRay. We have received a request from him to go to a restaurant where he could fish so we went to [Fishing Boat Zaou].

Because of the busy schedule that included an interview and a photo session (see page 52), the second interview started at 11 p.m.! The members of the editorial department staff always get worried and depressed over when they can go home, but this time was different! Because it looked like the place Hizumi chose to hang out today would be fun (happy). The restaurant was [Fishing Boat Zaou] located in Shinjuku, an excellent place equipped with huge fish tanks for customers to enjoy fishing and of course to eat what they caught.

Although since just fishing and eating sounded boring, Hoshiko and Hizumi decided to have a fishing showdown. Once they decided that the one whose catch costs more wins, the battle started! At least it was supposed to… Actually the main tank basically had only tai to catch, by the way they were quite big and cost 2499 yen each (cooking was included in the price), and considering the dinner later, it is boring if it all just tai. Moreover, if the price is the same the only way to compete would be by the number of fish caught. Strangely, with the restaurant’s transparent billing system, different kinds of fish placed in separate containers and price written clearly, the competition turned out to be difficult… Well, leaving the problems for later everyone decided to just enjoy fishing first (laughs).

Fishing showdown (?) finally started at 23.20 and lo and behold just two minutes later Hoshiko caught a tai! By the side of rejoicing Hoshiko Hizumi without a moment of delay kindly came to help and caught the tai in a net (photo 01). However, he could not loose, so Hizumi immediately went back to fishing. With an earnest look he concentrated on catching tai, but the next fish bit on Hoshiko’s bait too! However, this time when he almost pulled it out of water, it slipped off the hook… too bad.

Nonetheless, for some reason Hoshiko was the only one who had the fish biting the bait. That was when Hizumi, who saw no signs of the fish taking his bait, began to grumble: “I thought fishing would be easier…”! Finally a fish bit Hizumi’s hook! In the end it only pecked on the bait and swam away, but it seemed that that was when Hizumi’s fighting spirit got fired up. All of sudden he suggested an original theory: “Isn’t that tai the one you caught earlier, Mr. Hoshiko?” and with Hoshiko answering: “There is one tai that looks hungry,” a mysterious conversation between the two began (laughs). Could it be that the two of them could distinguish tai that looked all the same to me one from another…?

But after that no fish bit the bait for a while again. Hanging down the fishing line Hizumi looked over the fish tanks and went as far as complimenting the tai: “No way those guys stayed alive just by putting on a show…” (laughs). And that’s when it seemed that Hizumi once again noticed a tai that looked like it would bite the bait. “I am definitely going to get that guy. He looks hungry,” Hizumi showed an ability to distinguish tai again and began to cast the line desperately. Moreover, that tai certainly showed interest in the bait every time the line was cast close to it. It appeared that Hizumi really could tell the tai apart. Amazing!

However, despite his efforts, Hizumi couldn’t make the tai take the bait and slowly the fish began to move away. Desperate to catch it by any means possible Hizumi chased after the tai with a heartrending cry: “Don’t go, my angel!” (laughs). Well… I don’t know if one could call a fish an angel (laughs). However, it seemed that the tai was really Hizumi’s angel. As a result of his perseverance and continued pursuit Hizumi finally triumphed! The time was 23.46, 25 minutes after the start of the match Hizumi finally caught a tai too (photo 02).

By then Hoshiko already grew tired of catching tai (laughs) and was in the mood for drinking. But! Since we came all this way for the interview eating only tai wouldn’t do! So he decided to enjoy fishing turban shells. “Now’s the time!” overflowing with the enthusiasm Hizumi and thinking of deep-fried shells Hoshiko started fishing turban shells! (photo 03)

However! As soon as the battle started Hoshiko succeeded to catch a turban shell. Moreover, this time he also got an ear shell. Somehow it seemed that Hoshiko’s unexpected talent bloomed because of Hizumi’s idea. However, unlike turban shells that cost only 462 yen, ear shells were different with the price at 1580 yen each! Probably worried about having to pay for all of that and feeling a slight regret Hoshiko said: “I wish I caught only one turban shell…” (laughs).

By Hoshiko’s side Hizumi struggled desperately and he ended up receiving Hoshiko’s guidance: “There! There! Get that one when it closes its mouth tightly!” But the advice was probably fruitful, because Hizumi succeeded in catching a turban shell too. Both of them caught shells for tsuboyaki without problems (photo 04). Just when I thought that it was about time to finish, Hoshiko showed us unbelievable kindness saying: “If we catch five more shells, we can let our staff eat with us too” and went back to fishing again! I joined the company ten years ago, but until that day I had never been so happy to work for Mr. Hoshiko (cries).

And in the mean time Hizumi quietly moved away, it appeared that he got interested in spiny lobsters in the nearby tank (laughs). As a matter of fact the lobsters were of small and big sizes and the big ones cost 6090 yen (photo 05)! Throwing a sideways glance at Hoshiko, who was worried about his wallet, without a moment of hesitation Hizumi began fishing lobsters (actually he was cheered on by the editorial staff). And as if all his troubles until now were just a lie he easily caught the biggest lobster. Coming this far Hizumi got a very expensive item (photo 06)! When with a huge smile on his face he announced: “I caught a lobster,” Hoshiko got really concerned if he lost and worried about his wallet: “What?! How expensive is it?” In end it seemed that only small lobsters were left in the tank and the price was actually 3129 yen.

Even though Hoshiko was still worried about his wallet, he wanted to let the staff members eat turban shells too. So after confirming how many they had at the moment, the two of them continued fishing and once they got the total of seven shells the fishing was over! Therefore, the drinking started with the fish that had been just caught to snack on… but… What about the results of the fishing battle? After all considerations it was decided that the winner would be decided based on the total price of the fish caught.

Hizumi caught one tai, three turban shells and one lobster with the total price of 7014 yen while Hoshiko had one tai, 4 turban shells and one ear shell with the total price of 5927 yen and as a result Hizumi won by the lobster’s price! However, needless to say, disgruntled Hoshiko told rejoicing Hizumi: “That’s probably because you fished without thinking about other people’s wallets” (laughs).


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Woa when I saw your tweet about reading this fishing article I didn't have even a slight thought that you would translate it o_O Bravo for things you do for Hizumi!! XDDDDD
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You're welcome, I am glad you enjoyed reading ;)
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H: I think maniacal obscenity is essential for us.

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As usual, it's a very enjoyable read. Thanks for your efforts!
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I agree on "maniacal", but not so sure about obscenity, but then again I don't pay that much attention to the lyrics and I wouldn't call them obscene on stage, "intense" - definitely. Oh wait, there is Zero's smile and it is obscene xD
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The fishing part was really funny XD

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