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I am not sure if it needs to be clarified, maybe it is the same everywhere and everyone knows it. But I'll add some notes here just in case.
First of all, I am going to use a few words that seem Engrish to me, like a live house, an event live or one-man/two-man etc. shows, because I am comfortable with them, instead trying to think of proper English words. Bear with me. A one-man live is a live played by one band only, while a two-man means two bands and a three-man - three bands, the bands are pretty much on the equal footing. An event live is a live several bands play together, usually up to eight of them. It's a big step for a band when their audience gets big enough they can play a one-man show.
Another thing that comes up in the conversation (in the first chapter too) is a live quota. Bands pay to a live house to play there. The staff asks people at the entrance what band they came to see and counts tickets accordingly. A certain percentage of ticket money goes to the bands and depending on how many people come to see them they make a profit or loose money.
X in MiXXgi and TenXyu is used to hide a letter of a company name, so that there is no advertising here. Though considering what they say it is more like anti-advertising lol

Same as before:

I will appreciate any help if there are any mistakes or something needs to be corrected ;)
Please do not repost it anywhere. I prefer to keep the translations to my own dark little corner and be responsible for my mistakes and the words I choose.

text: Reiko Arakawa
translation: notafanboy

Previous chapters:


D'espairsRay 10th anniversary special talk I

Looking back,1999-2009.


Q: You played a lot of lives in 2000.

K: Playing lives was all we did.

T: The live I will never forget was at club Dorothy in Ekoda.

Q: Why is that?

T: Because it was the first time since the formation of D’espairsRay that we turned a live house into a puddle.

Q: You turned the live house into a puddle?

T: Yes. Sweat and… more sweat. Sweat and steam.

Q: Even though it was in January?

T: Yes, exactly.

H: It was so fucking hot! The live house was small and fucking hot.

Q: What was the capacity of club Dorothy?

Everyone: About 50 people (laughs).

H: The capacity was 50 people and though there was an air-conditioner on the stage near my microphone it was hot (laughs).

Everyone: (laughs).

Q: Was it because of heating?

H: I don’t know.

Q: Was a puddle of water on the stage or in the audience?

T: Wasn’t it both?

Z: Yeah. There was water on the stage when we played and the floor was slippery to begin with, but because of water it got more slippery.

Q: Was it difficult to play?

T: Yeah. That’s why I remember it so well, it became one of my memories.

Q: (laughs) Memories? But wasn’t it dangerous?

K&Z: It was dangerous!

Z: I was electrocuted that day! At the time we set up the instruments by ourselves. I was plugging in a speaker’s cable and I got electrocuted, I played the live half dazed (laughs).

Q: (laughs). Then in a span of two days you distributed a demo tape [[S]yste[M]] at AREA on January 28 and a demo tape [Sakura] at Dorothy on January 29.

Z: I am not sure about AREA, but we distributed the demo tapes at Dorothy. Probably the day before that we played at AREA… I am not sure, we need to confirm it.

H: Should we write “Maybe” then?

Z: Yeah.

K: If I remember correctly, we played an event live at club Dorothy and decided on a “Let’s take over all fans here!” strategy.

Z: Yeah.

Q: Isn’t it good for a band to have an aggressive attitude?

K: Yeah, we were aggressive. Things changed from this moment on, we gradually got popular.

Q: Then as you met the lives’ quota, did you have a taste of how the real thing could be?

K: It was our goal… however small.

Everyone: (laughs).

Q: It was an important one. Moreover (looks at the biography) you played a lot of lives.

K: We did not write any songs just played lives all the time.

Q: Did you prioritize lives over writing new songs?

H: I think we just participated in whatever lives we were invited to.

K: I don’t know if we will include what I am about to say in the published interview, but when we did not play lives, we worked part time and we had no time for anything else. We had no purpose. It was probably one of the reasons too.

Z: It was around the time we realized that we wanted to be a live band.

H: I think we talked about playing two or three lives every month.

Q: You were ambitious, weren’t you? Or more like quite reckless.

K: Yeah.

H: Well, we were amateurs after all (laughs).

Q: During the year 2000 you also continued to distribute demo tapes.

K: Yeah, because we did not know how to go about releasing a CD.

Q: I see. So you focused on playing lives… Did any lives other than the one at club Dorothy leave the impression?

T: Personally I remember that a quota at Y2K was really high.

Z: (laughs) Yeah, it was.

K: I remember.

T: How many tens of thousands of yen was it per each of us?

Q: Eh?

Z: The ticket price was high and the quota was high too.

K: But I have a feeling the live was a success.

Q: On June 4 you played with Due le quartz at Kumagaya VOGUE.

H: We got a phone call saying that there was an opportunity to play a good live at Kumagaya.

Z: Because Kumagaya is my hometown, I asked at VOGUE: “Please strike us back good”.

Q: You played a lot at Kumagaya and Maebashi. Well, 2000 can be summarized in a word that you steadily played lives in Tokyo and Tokyo suburbs.

Everyone: (laughs).

K: That’s true.

Q: In September you distributed a demo tape [RAZØR], in the end how many demo tapes have you released?

H: Four.

Z: It was a free demo tape craze back then.

Q: Did you make it by yourselves this time too?

Z: Yeah.

Q: Then in October you released the first maxi single [Kumo] and the first press was 1000 copies. How did you come to make this record?

K: Who was it?

Z: It was Jun.

K: Yes, Jun from JILS was a producer.

H: [Kumo] was our first proper record, even though it wasn’t really done properly.

Everyone: (laughs).

H: We had a first taste of what recording was like.

K: Yeah. But we did not do mastering.

H: No, we did not, because we recorded my singing in a bathroom (laughs).

Q: (laughs) In a bathroom?

H: Yes, in an ordinary bathroom in an apartment.

Q: Did you do it because reverberation was good there?

H: Yes.

Z: Someone calling out from a bathroom is always well heard (laughs).

H: I screamed with all my strength. I was sure we were going to be reported to the police.

Q: (laughs) Tsukasa, did you record the drums properly in a studio?

T: Yes.

Z: We recorded the drums and bass in the studio.

H: Was Butch with us then?

T: Yes, Sasabuchi Hiroshi was our engineer.

Q: Why did you record in the bathroom if you had the engineer with you in the studio?

T: Probably it was the money issue…

Everyone: (laughs).

T: The money was the issue too, but we thought that if we recorded drums properly, the songs would have a greater impact.

Z: And while we were at it we also recorded the bass.

Q: Where did you record the guitar?

K: Why did not we record the guitar while we were at it too? (laughs) Why?!

Z: Probably we did not have a guitar booster.

K: That’s why we recorded it without an amp.

T: Was it a line?

K: What was it? What I had was… VS? It was something like ProTools that we use now and I created guitar sound with it.

Q: And when you listened to the finished songs…?

H: It sounded like screaming in the bathroom.

Q: That’s amazing that you recorded it in the bathroom. Could you do it properly there?

H: That’s impossible.

Everyone: (laughs).

H: You can hear water pipes humming (laughs).

Q: Since it was your first single, was [Kumo] one of the songs included on the CD?

H: No, it was not a title of a song.

Q: It wasn’t?

H: It was a CD title.

Q: What songs were included on it?

H: [Parasite], [Mousouhekina EGOIST] and [Misshutsu No Naka... 'IKARETA KIMI' No Senritsu].

Q: Did those three songs represent D’espairsRay at the time? Or were they new?

H: We had played those songs live.

Z: [Misshutsu] was a relatively new song.

H: Ah, that’s right.

Z: We wrote it around the time of the recording.

Q: So it was a must-have item for the fans that came to the lives.

Z: Yeah. It was the best out of all the songs we played then.

Q: Did you record all three songs in the bathroom?

H: (laughs) Yes. You can hear that the voice has no depth to it (laughs).

T: It was natural reverberation.

K: Well, it was shockingly different from our idea how rocks stars recorded their music (laughs).

Everyone: (laughs).

Q: How did the sales go?

K: So-so.

Z: Yeah, it wasn’t bad I think.

K: Yeah.

H: Probably because [Kumo] sales were not bad, we were invited to participate in [HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE] omnibus.

Q: Ah, because around the time you also regularly met the lives’ quota.

K: Yes, we got our audience.

Z: Yeah.

H: Well, more or less.

Q: Did you feel that you got on the right track?

K: Yes, we did.

H: Because the first press of the single was 1000 copies.

Q: Do copies of the single appear on Yahoo auction these days?

H: Sometimes they do.

Q: They must be expensive.

Z: I have never seen the first press copies there.

H: Me neither.

Q: Would you like your fans to hear those songs today? … Or not?

H: No, I would not (laughs).

K: But we did pretty well...

Q: For example?

K: Well, lyrics and singing were rather… (laughs).

Everyone: (laughs).

K: We would like to re-record it, right?

H: Yeah.

Q: You do not deny it yourself?

H: We would probably take it in a different direction now. It is almost like something from another dimension after all.

Q: I see. Then do you have any other memories of 2000 except the lives?

Z: Speaking of something happening, as expected a car we bought right after the formation of the band broke down (laughs).

H: Was it when we were on our way to Kumagaya?

Z: It broke down only after one year.

H: Wait, wasn’t it later that our car broke down on the way to Kumagaya?

T: You mean on the highway?

Z: That was our second car breaking down.

H: Oh, really? Wait. Was it when an engine stalled and we had to call a tow track?

Z: Didn’t it happen with our second car?

H: Did it?

Q: Why did the car broke down only after one year?

Z: Because we bought it for 200000 yen (laughs).

Q: (laughs).

T: Eh? Wasn’t that the very first car we had?

Z: No.

H: Was it the car we bought at MiXXgi Cars?

Z: No.

Everyone: (laughs).

T: MiXXgi Cars one was relatively… (laughs)

Z: Wasn’t the car we bought at MiXXgi Cars our third car? (laughs)

H: Was it the third one? (laughs)

K: Yeah, remember Mr. Satou from MiXXgi Cars?

T: I am Satou from MiXXgi Cars (mimics).

Z: Wasn’t it Mr. Katou?

H: No, it was Satou.

Z: Really?

H: The manager’s name was Satou in the other car retail company too (laughs).

Q: In short you bought a cheap second hand car.

Z: Yes.

H: Wait. Where did we go to look for a car in the beginning?

T: Wasn’t it at Uguisudani? We checked out a brown car…

Z: It was either a brown or a grey one, wasn’t it?

T: It was an amber car.

H: I see.

Q: Did you buy the one that was about to break down too?

T: It turned out to be different from an ad in a magazine so we did not buy it.

H&Z: (laugh)

T: We saw the ad in the magazine and that’s why we went there.

Z: Yeah.

H: Wait, do you remember how we went to Hachiouji once?

K: Yeah, we went there together.

Z: Yes.

H: We went around looking for a car (laughs).

Q: I think it is something every young band does.

H: We did not think it through at all.

Q: In the end did you find a good car at Hachiouji?

H: Was it then? The offer was good and we thought that there must have been a catch.

K: That’s why we refused it.

Z: Ah, that’s right.

H: Yeah, we thought: “Isn’t it too good?” (laughs)

Q: Did the car break down next year?

Z: Yes. I think our first two cars each broke within a year.

Q: Since you bought cheap cars and used them a lot, no surprise they broke down so fast.

Z: Yeah. That’s why we bought an expensive car third time (laughs).

H: That’s right, it was expensive.

T: One million yen.

Q: And did you buy that one at MiXXgi Cars?

T: We bought it at TenXyu Cars.

Everyone: (laughs).

H: You remember it well, don’t you?

T: Because I took care of the car.

K: Were you the one responsible for it?

T: It was registered under my name so I got the phone calls about car inspections. Speaking of it, do you remember how we used to push our second car, for example, on a road behind AREA?

H: Yeah, when the engine would not start (laughs).

T: Somehow Zero had a special way of starting it. What was it?

Z: It was my mission.

K: Did you jump-start it?

Everyone: (laughs).

T: He did.

K: What did you think it was? A bike?

H: And in the meantime all of us pushed the car.

K: Let’s not talk about what happened back then, it was pathetic (laughs).

Everyone: (laughs).

H: Why not?

Q: But isn’t it true that now you can laugh about your past hardships?

K: If I think about it now, we were so pathetic.

Q: (laughs).

H: Every band is like that in the beginning (laughs).


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Dec. 4th, 2009 02:28 pm (UTC)
That's fast))) You do know that you're very bad influence, very very bad XD
Dec. 5th, 2009 03:14 am (UTC)
Don't get used to it, I just had three chapters already done when I posted the first one xD~
Dec. 4th, 2009 02:53 pm (UTC)
wuutt ?
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now i know where that hizumi's panting sound in [Mousouhekina EGOIST] from
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Haha I wonder what made them think that bathroom would be a good place to record.
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Dec. 5th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
aww Karyu is so bashful ;D
It's been ten years, they changed so if they were to record the same songs again they would sound completely different. I'd be surprised if they did exactly the same thing.
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Life of a rockstar is hard and dangerous xD
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Thank you!A bathroom....my god they are so dorksX°°°D
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More like dumb, what made them think the bathroom was a good place for recording? xD
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"Q: And when you listened to the finished songs…?
H: It sounded like screaming in the bathroom."
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A lot of this one was about their cars xD

"K: Let’s not talk about what happened back then, it was pathetic (laughs)." awww but its so cute and funny... in fact I can picture them pushing a beat up old car on that tiny road behind AREA xDDD haha
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Yeah, recording in a bathroom and feeling like a rockstar xD What cracked me up the most was when Karyu said: "It was shockingly different from how we thought rockstart recorded their music". Wasn't he getting ahead of himself?! xD
It was too much about their cars >_< I wish the interviewer would steer the conversation more into a proper direction or at least edited the text somewhat. It is obviously just written word for word what they said and it makes it a little difficult to read and translate at times.
Karyu is so bashful ;D
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Thank you for the translation! This part is very amusing x) I love to hear about the old times of every band, there's always lots of crazy stuff, like in this x)
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You're welcome ;) They were such kids.
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You're welcome ;)
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I was electrocuted that day! At the time we set up the instruments by ourselves. I was plugging in a speaker’s cable and I got electrocuted, I played the live half dazed.
HAHAHA. Poor Zero.

That was such a funny interview. All those problems with the cars and recording in the bathroom. XD
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You're welcome ;) Yeah, 9 chapters of the main interview and that's like half of it... people will probably wish me dead and gone by the time I am done >xD
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