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5 February 1980
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I am a Russian woman living in Japan. There are very few things I like, rock music (Russian, Japanese, American, European) is one of them and this journal is actually a lot about my jrock obsessions and sometimes about my life in Japan. There are very few things I dislike, but I'll skip unpleasantries. And there are plenty of things I don't care about. If that doesn't scare you away and you think we have something in common leave a comment here to be added. I won't add you back if you just add me, I'll just assume you want to keep up with whatever jrock stuff I post (and I've always thought it's polite to say 'hello').

I used to record from TV and upload videos that I found interesting, they can be found in my lj uploads archive. It is closed now though, if the links are dead then dead they stay.
I often translate interviews from Japanese music magazines, they are all D'espairsRay-centered. My translations archive can be found here. I do not accept any requests.

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